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Bindi Desserts and Cakes

Suprema Foods Australia is the sole importer of Bindi Cakes. Bindi Desserts and Cakes are imported frozen directly from Italy and delivered by Suprema anywhere in Australia.


Torta Frutti di Bosco

 A short pastry base filled with Chantilly cream, covered with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and red currants, sprinkled with icing sugar.

Tirolese Cake  

Italian Version of Austrian Sacher Torte


Long layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate cream and enriched with a cherry liqueur. Then totally covered in a river of chocolate. The flavour never ends.


Traditional Sicilian Dessert

A delicate sponge base and dome houses a chilled chocolate and vanilla cream that's mixed with candied fruit and chocolate drops.

Selva Nera

 Italian Black Forrest Cake

Chocolate sponge complexed with hints of liqueur and with real cherries layered with a light patisserie cream and then crowned with a fine chocolate ribbon top.


Multi layered puff pastry

Layers of puff pastry filled with a patisserie cream which is covered on all sides with crushed sponge and chantilly cream, then decorated with a striped snow sugar design.


Tuscan Style Profiterole

Puff pastry base with a layer of custard cream on which two rows of filled choux line the sides. A substantial layer of candied orange peel cream defines the centre and then sealed with fine layer chocolate folds.

Torta della Nonna

Grandma's Lemon Torte

A double short pastry base, filled with lemon patisserie cream and crowned with almonds, pine nuts and a generous dusting of snow sugar.

Torta frutta lunga

A short pastry base filled with custard, decorated with a vivid cocktail of fresh fruits.

Torta Ricotta

Italian Style Cheese Cake

A sponge base with a unique light ricotta cheese centre that is sweetened with sultana's and then crowned with a portion design sponge crown.

Semifreddo Caffé

Chilled Coffee Cream Dessert

A lovely smooth chilled cafe latte tasting cream desert that is crowned with a layer of crushed cocoa sponge

Strudel Cake

Apple Strudel

A delicious mixture of Venetian apple and sultanas delicately rolled in a beautiful soft, pastry casing.


The Genuine Article

Smooth milk chocolate coated profiteroles that are filled with a light vanilla cream, that impresses you at first sight.

Torta Cappuccino

Real Coffee Flavour

All three chocolate sponge layers are soaked in a coffee liqueur and are divided by the smooth cappuccino cream which is then dusted in a rich cocoa powder.

Cheesecake Monterosa


Biscuit base filled with lemon scented ricotta cheese, decorated with wild strawberries and red currants.

Torta Viennese

Vienna Torte

Soft sponge layers separate the delicate chocolate and vanilla creams which are then encased by a striped sponge ribbon, ultimately crowned with unique chocolate shaving.

Crostata al Cioccolato

Chocolate/Hazelnut Torte

Short pastry base with an almost fudge like hazelnut chocolate cream centre, which is sealed in by a rum soaked sponge and is uniquely decorated in snow sugar.

Torta Mele Casalinga

Homemade Apple Torte

Oven baked short pastry base that's then filled with large slices of Venetian apples and then more strips of short pastry. Real homemade presentation.

Semifreddo Torroncino

Chilled Nougat Cream

This beautiful dessert is made of crushed nuts and chilled nougat cream which is then crowned with crushed pralinated hazelnuts.

Tiramisł Big

The Original Version

Espresso coffee and Zabaglione liqueur soaked sponge layers that are separated by a perfect Mascarpone cheese cream followed by a generous dusting of cocoa. So light, so fresh.

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